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10 David Hill quotes:

"We did well. We stuck with our ability to take people off the course at 51/2 hours. We gave people the option of getting on the bus and coming in or continuing on the course."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"He is a very clever and subtle negotiator. What makes him so great is his ability to see a situation from different points of view."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"We are excited about what this means for our professional team. This allows our highly experienced consultants the ability to continue to grow professionally while maximizing their skills in an exciting, progressive environment. Our clients will benefit from an even higher level of professional service."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"It's really cute and really terrific."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Cute Quotes
"The Catalogue of Ships in the second book of Homer's Iliad names the places in Greece that committed ships and troops to the siege of Troy,"
"He is a very clever and subtle negotiator."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Cleverness Quotes
"We've got most of the tagging information. But we're missing some of the resolution information from various periods. We know where those areas are and people are helping us by filling in the blanks."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"If I'm a newcomer, I am going to be making less money, my job is more vulnerable, so those concerns are somewhat expected."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"If you grant the variance, you may as well throw out the county rules."
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"This is a total revolution,"
Author: Hill Quotes Category: Revolution Quotes

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