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"Messaging is not just for kids anymore."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Institutions are looking to hedge themselves against weakness in the dollar and inflationary threat. Gold can go much higher. It hasn't eclipsed its previous highs."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"I think that I have an open mind. I try to find what's best for everyone. I'll do the same that I've done these past two years, which is holding down spending and being accountable to the people."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"This is the greatest community in the whole county, and I want to keep it that way. We're all neighbors."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"At first glance the output target is disappointing. But given the company has had so much trouble growing in the past, I think they don't want to set the bar too high."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"I think it's going to be very close. This is one of these elections that there will not be a breakaway winner. Probably in this state we're in for a Gerald Ford-Jimmy Carter race where it may be one vote a precinct. Ohio's going to determine the next president."
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"I think the school should take responsibility for their traffic."

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