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Kevin Payne Quotes

6 Kevin Payne quotes:

"One [message] that resounds in meeting after meeting is, 'We want opportunity. Bring our kids opportunity, and bring our community opportunity,' ... We believe you are looking at opportunity."
Author: Payne Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"There were aspects of owning a professional sports team that were different from what Global thought. Ultimately, we decided very amicably that it was best to not go forward with this."
Author: Payne Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"Everybody played together as a team. That's why we got the victory."
Author: Payne Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"My first reaction is that it's Freddy, out of a lack of experience, expressing frustration over something that he probably needs to have a little bit broader perspective on, ... Unfortunately, it gets turned into a huge deal because it's Freddy."
Author: Payne Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"People have to look at the mistakes that keep being made, and we've got to hold ourselves accountable."
Author: Payne Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"We believe that we're moving closer and closer to the point where we wake up in the morning and worry about how much money we're going to make."
Author: Payne Quotes Category: Worry Quotes

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