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"That's one of the reasons why he's a successful coach. You know that image he creates, with the jutting jaw? That's how he approached every task he's ever had. He started early on to find an edge because he needed it."
"My expectation would be that he's closer to ready than he was at this time a week ago."
"I don't think our rush got there the way we needed to. We need to do a better job."
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"You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. You need to make sure that each player gets an opportunity to prepare himself for the game tempo, albeit (in) preseason. So you end up making arbitrary, unilateral decisions."
"I have a lot of confidence in Nate, and I felt it was important to get it to a seven-point differential."
"I believe with a certainty, in my opinion, he is the finest running back I have ever seen in professional football. And I know people say: 'Well what about Jim Brown? And what about Gale Sayers?' That's all well and good, but I tell you what, in the era that we're in now where you have defensive linemen that weigh 300 pounds and run 4.75, and these mammoth guys that are playing linebacker, I think with a certainty, in my opinion, he is the finest running back that I have ever seen."
"He's got great stop-and-start quickness. As a runner he's hard to find. I'm not going to put him in his category but skill-wise he's like Barry Sanders. His stop-and-start quickness reminds me of that."
"To be able to do what they have done in an era in which everything is designed to get people to be .500 win-loss percentage, and they go out and win three championships in four years, to me that's remarkable."
"He's a terrific guy. He worked as hard as anybody. But the approach, the philosophy, were different."
"We can legislate against that as long as it's officiated with common sense."
"Our offensive line is not giving him a lot of space."
"He's making very good progress but I still don't know if we'll have him active this week."
"I believe with a certainty, in my opinion, he is the finest running back I have ever seen in professional football."
"It's not physical issues, it's discipline issues in our coverage, and it's not where it needs to be, quite frankly. We're not getting people where they need to be on a consistent basis. My sense is that we've got to do a better job of coaching them, and they've got do a better job of understanding exactly what it is we're putting forward."
"He's pretty good, isn't he? I know that football teams know there is a formula for winning, and they've got it."
"In the 3-4, it always starts with the nose man. They don't single block Jamal Williams ."
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"I think so, because of the language that had to be learned and understood. The last thing you get is the technique because the language you can put together. But to be able to put the fundamentals together at the speed necessary to be successful takes some time. You can't have a lot of thought going through your mind."
"We've got to get the coverage to a point where there's more consistency in it."
"The expectation (is) he will play."
"He is a very special player and a very special person. He has as big a heart as anyone around. With guys like that, you really don't need much coaching."

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