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31 Marty Schottenheimer quotes:

"He's got great stop-and-start quickness. As a runner he's hard to find. I'm not going to put him in his category but skill-wise he's like Barry Sanders. His stop-and-start quickness reminds me of that."
"He's making very good progress but I still don't know if we'll have him active this week."
"He's making very good progress, as you might well expect from a Northwestern graduate. He understands leverage and knows when he's got a guy off-balance."
"I think so, because of the language that had to be learned and understood. The last thing you get is the technique because the language you can put together. But to be able to put the fundamentals together at the speed necessary to be successful takes some time. You can't have a lot of thought going through your mind."
"You could have made a lot of money betting that. I couldn't believe it."
"I don't think our rush got there the way we needed to. We need to do a better job."
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"In the 3-4, it always starts with the nose man. They don't single block Jamal Williams ."
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"I know the young man, and he's tough kid, a tough-minded person. So, you know, I'm sure the ultimate decision will be if he can make it significantly worse. I don't have any question he'll make every attempt to play, because he is a tough kid."
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"To be able to do what they have done in an era in which everything is designed to get people to be .500 win-loss percentage, and they go out and win three championships in four years, to me that's remarkable."
"You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. You need to make sure that each player gets an opportunity to prepare himself for the game tempo, albeit (in) preseason. So you end up making arbitrary, unilateral decisions."
"He's a terrific guy. He worked as hard as anybody. But the approach, the philosophy, were different."

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