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Robert Robbins Quotes

7 Robert Robbins quotes:

"They talked about their responsibility to their patients and staff, and the long-term benefits of sustainability. They didn't have to be sold on it."
"I think bonds are appropriate for anybody that is close to retirement or is already retired and feels like they need that security and that defensiveness, ... appropriate diversification for a lot of people. But for people who are young and who can put money away for a long time, they really ought to be overwhelmingly in stocks."
Author: Robbins Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"Markets are down because of the start of attacks and the fear of counter attacks, which could impact further corporate earnings."
Author: Robbins Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"It's an appropriate example of the new corporate governance since the stock has languished for so long."
Author: Robbins Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"I suggest the small investors dig in their heels with this market, not worry too much. The Fed really didn't cause a significant inflation problem. So far, this inflation pressure has been no worse than the worst it's been in the last several years. And each time it's been a great buying opportunity. Any time you can buy the S&P 500, the stock market index of the top 500 stocks, when its 7 to 11 percent off the all-time high, it's probably 2 to 1 odds. Given the history of super bull markets that we've had for 18 years in the two other of the century, that's going to be a fabulous buying opportunity. And if it's not, than you're probably half way down to the ultimate low and that's going to be an even more fabulous buying opportunity."
Author: Robbins Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"We are looking for opportunities to partner in the community. I think it's very important for Stanford not to just look within and see patients here. If we can make these partnerships work, we will be able to serve patients we wouldn't normally serve. The more we reach out, the more we are able to solidify our referrals on more complex cases."
Author: Robbins Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"The finance sector has really emerged as my favorite here, edging out technology by a bit. I recommend that people have about a quarter of their stock holdings in finance."
Author: Robbins Quotes Category: Finance Quotes

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