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Bryan Nelson Quotes

8 Bryan Nelson quotes:

"If we started paying $150,000 a year, there would be a lot of men interested in teaching."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"The younger the kids, the fewer the men."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The first fire was like a warning. So we got most of our important equipment out of there. Before this fire, there was hope we might go back to that building. Now, there is no hope. A fireman took me through the building to look at our space. Those marble steps in the front? Looked like a waterfall."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"It is a unique program. It would be hard to find a community this size in the Midwest where this opportunity exists."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Being involved with this big of an event was a terrific real life experience for the students and one they will not soon forget. The students realized the importance of the work they were doing and rose to the occasion."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"We have a studio that some professional television stations would be jealous of."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"That's popular. People have home videos and want them on DVDs and we can provide that or make copies of weddings or birthday parties to send to family members. We do more than 800 video dubs a year, with the VHS to DVD being the most popular."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"People will complain that we only cover Algona events. Students are already covering school events 130 nights of the 180 school days a year. Students are doing their part. We encourage people to drop off tapes."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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