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"We started again -- we have an alternate source of power -- but then Duquesne Light flipped the switch for whatever reason a second time, and that blew the first source, and that's what caused the problem. At the same time, probably a surge here caused a little fire in an electrical panel. That's been entirely taken care of."
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"We have tremendous respect for Craig and are very grateful for his many contributions to this organization over the past 17 years. However, I and our board have decided that it is time for a change."
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"It would be pretty hard to question 'Why not do this? It's a great opportunity to get a new arena. ... We don't need state money. They can put the state money to other uses. We're offering to build the arena at no cost."
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"It never was a safety issue."
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"[And ticket sales, which sagged in recent years in the league's oldest and least fan-friendly arena, soared after Pittsburgh won the No. 1 pick Friday in the NHL draft lottery. The Penguins sold scores of season-ticket packages Friday night to fans from 10 states and Canada, even though ticket-buyers had to wait 45 minutes on hold just to get an operator.] We're on Cloud 9, ... This has probably been the (team's) greatest 24-hour period since 1984."
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"I hope none of you expected Mario to own this team forever. He's done more than he should ... and he's teed this up perfectly for the community to jump at a great opportunity for this team to stay here."
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"It was never a safety issue."
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"I think the Super Bowl actually helps people understand what a sports team can do for a community in terms of coalescing that community. We hope to be back in your championship in a very short time. So, I think it's helpful."
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