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"This has been expected for a year-and-a-half now. Lee Scott has been with the company, he's very well regarded by the street. This is not surprising and there will be no changes in company strategy."
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"You've seen a general malaise in consumer enthusiasm to shopping at malls, so that's been a contributing factor (to lower department store sales) and there's also a bit of malaise in terms of interest in leading (department store) brands. That might be because department stores are getting a little stale and they lack freshness."
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"The consumer's been out in force for several months, ... all of these factors have contributed to very robust sales at retail."
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"... The guys (from each team) really like each other, they're good friends. But when it's time to play golf, we want to beat each other's brains in. When it's done, we're all friends and we go to dinner together, go to ballgames together. I think the world of Dean and the Utah State golf team."

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