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Burt III Quotes

6 Burt III quotes:

"Cerberus has been in the lead in other supermarket sector bidding and has sometimes faded fast in the home stretch."
Author: III Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Johnston came in with a lot of problems that were passed along by the prior regime that would take four to five years to dig out from."
Author: III Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"A Marketplace store's overall sales volume is typically double to triple what an average Kroger food and drug combo store would do."
Author: III Quotes Category: Food Quotes Retail Quotes
"While the top line has had some increases, the bottom line is a real cause for concern. The company continues to lose massive amounts of money with no signs of stopping the bleeding on the operating loss."
Author: III Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"The private equity option is certainly the best of all available options. It gives the company time without the shareholder and profit pressure to reorganize the business."
Author: III Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"I think Goldman Sachs, which was one of the strategic advisers, thought it was easier selling the whole company on a bundled basis."
Author: III Quotes Category: Company Quotes

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