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5 James Denney quotes:

"It will be a slow evolution. Dividends are a long-term investor's focus and for folks that are more short-term oriented it's not essential. And let's face it. A lot of tech investors tend to be shorter-term investors than average investors."
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"A short-term pop in dividend stocks is not likely. The market has re-priced these stocks over the past five months."
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"I have to assume that dividends is a big conversation in boardrooms right now. I don't get the sense that companies need all this money for research and development and buying back stock."
"From a competitive standpoint, before, [generally] technology companies didn't pay dividends. Now they have lost another argument for not paying one,"
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"If you're a cereal company it's not likely you're going to have fifty companies run out of a garage nipping at your heels. Tech companies do have to continue to innovate."
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