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5 John Phelps quotes:

"If a company is looking to increase revenue, you're not going to get there without taking risks. My goal is to put it on our Web site and let anyone in the company use it."
Author: Phelps Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"We're quite heavy on opening the sport up, and an event like this brings a completely new audience to golf. People like Jodie Kidd just have a different appeal, rather than the Wales Open which is more the golfing market."
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"In the past when such special consultants were needed, they were hired by the project proponent and not by the city. No doubt, the special consultants felt an allegiance to the party that hired them, and not to the city."
Author: Phelps Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"As power-supply solutions get more and more complex, the need for application support and design expertise grows exponentially. We want our customers to concentrate on their core competencies, while we provide all the technical expertise they'll need to optimize energy-efficient power management systems."
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"but her feelings have been exploited by liberal wackos."
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