John Church Quotes

4 John Church quotes:

"Land costs are getting high, but are still cheap compared to California, or even Sun Valley, where an acre of land can cost $1 million. But it's still pushing housing prices up."
Author: Church Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"When you buy electricity from out of state ... you are essentially taking dollars out of your pocket and sending it to another state."
Author: Church Quotes Category: Electricity Quotes
"He is an outsider, he is not from the company, he is not from here. That is it on the surface, and now this (sale) just adds to it."
Author: Church Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"You can pile all the evidence you want on the premier about whether or not private delivery of health care is a good way to go. His ideology and his personal values may in fact be blinding him to any evidence that might be provided to the contrary."
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