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"Management is basically going home on Friday and coming in to work on Monday in the same job with the same responsibilities. I can't imagine how any self-respecting director would agree to an arrangement like that . . . In Calgary, in particular, it seems like it's just a standard thing to do. When there's a corporate development of any kind, management just put a lot of money in their pockets in the process, regardless of whether they created value or not."
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"We take the simple view that, whether they are set up as a trust or a company, it makes sense that they be governed the same way."
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"Ron Cranford is trying to make heroes out of people who have done some really evil things. The whole conference needs to be opposed. It's a morbid and sadistic thing they're promoting."
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"Quite the opposite of undermining the competitiveness of the economy, [trusts] actually improve things. Capital ends up getting invested in things that make sense."
"We had to do something special for opening night,"
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