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14 Lauren Bacall quotes:

"In Hollywood, an equitable divorce settlement means each party getting fifty percent of publicity."
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes
"It's inappropriate and vulgar and absolutely unacceptable to use your private life to sell anything commercially, but I think it's kind of a sickness."
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"Generally women are better than men -- they have more character. I prefer men for some things, obviously, but women have a greater sense of honor and are more willing to take a chance with their lives."
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"She's not a legend, ... She can't be a legend at whatever age she is. ... You have to be older."
"When a woman reaches twenty-six in America, she's on the slide. It's downhill all the way from then on. It doesn't give you a tremendous feeling of confidence and well-being."
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Looking at yourself in a mirror isn't exactly a study of life."
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"I don't sit around thinking that I'd like to have another husband; only another man would make me think that way."
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that."
"His whole behavior is so shocking,"
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"I'm a fan. My grandchildren are fans. I wish I'd written the books."
"I figure if I have my health, can pay the rent and I have my friends, I call it 'content.'"
"The purity of Jewish upbringing is the restrictions that one carries through life being a "nice Jewish girl" -- what a burden!"
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly"
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Imagination Quotes
"You can't start worrying about what's going to happen. You get spastic enough worrying about what's happening now."
Author: Bacall Quotes Category: Worry Quotes

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