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8 Paul Sarbanes quotes:

"The administration in my view is once again manufacturing a crisis. There is no crisis in the Social Security system. The system is not on the verge of bankruptcy."
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"Any person or family displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina ... could get a temporary housing voucher. This is without regard to their income situation, ... It recognizes the storm hit rich and poor alike, and this is an effort to give them some immediate, short-term help so they can move out of the situation in which they find themselves."
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"You have some way-out requirements, and the company says that's what Sarbanes-Oxley says we have to do, but these changes are neither in the act nor in the regulations implementing the act, ... I don't know where some of these things came from."
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"The public has lost confidence in the chairman."
"The fact that the President is calling for still more tax cuts at the same time the Congress is being asked to add $800 billion to the Federal debt ceiling is beyond reckless-it places in jeopardy our future economic strength and the economic security of all Americans."
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"The credibility of the Federal Reserve rests in large part on broad confidence in its independence, ... The board can play a very significant role in improving consumer rights and enforcing consumer protections."
"We are facing a crisis of confidence that is eroding the public's trust in our markets, and poses a real threat to our economic health, ... The strain on the economy is deep and spreading."
"It is critically important for the administration to move quickly to appoint credible new economic leaders who understand Main Street America and the investing public; who are committed to creating new jobs all across America; and who will focus on restoring confidence in the financial markets and addressing corporate malfeasance,"

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