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Michael Greenberger Quotes

9 Michael Greenberger quotes:

"Witt shaped [FEMA] into an organization that was not only to respond to disaster but attempt to mitigate disaster by taking actions before they occurred."
"The greatest fear is that somebody will sneak in a nuclear weapon into the port, it will be put into a truck and it will be brought into the interior United States."
Author: Greenberger Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"My hope is, and it's a sad way to learn this, that people now understand the importance of a federal emergency response. It's not something you can do on the cheap."
Author: Greenberger Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"This was Prosecution 101. That they're letting this case slip away is mind-boggling."
Author: Greenberger Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"There is a very loose requirement in terms of when it gets done and what the quality is. There is not a lot of urgency."
"The level of competition surprises me here because of the amount of resources that have been depleted from the company."
"These unregulated entities are opaque to the U.S. government. Because there is no handle on them here or in any of the other major financial centers, it's just that much easier to commit fraud."
"As we move further from 9/11 and see that the money has often been used unwisely ... it is very necessary to put people to the test."
Author: Greenberger Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"We all would rather do our jobs without having our activities videotaped."
Author: Greenberger Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes

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