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"A true remote execution has a tiny footprint and won't need much of a system."
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"It isn't always about market share. You can always win market share by picking up customers that the number one company doesn't want. The question is can you make a living from that: picking up and servicing marginal users but at a profit. It is like running a delivery service, making sure you go to places that FedEx doesn't -- like Indian villages, hermits in cabins out in the woods."
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"Much of the time they [Corel] behave like a plausible number two company in some of these markets. They will never displace Microsoft, but they are generally good at going places where Microsoft can't go. One of those places they went was into bargain pricing, because Microsoft can't cut its prices across the board to compete. They continuously find points of vulnerability at Microsoft. Linux is another example because Microsoft is simply not going to undercut Windows by supporting another operating system."
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"Corel does have a serious support problem. Not sure how well it is known. Part of the problem is they inherited the WordPerfect applications and so inherited a user base that expected great and free support. But what did they do? They started charging for it and producing [inadequate] support. They got a customer base that wanted great support and didn't care too much about features, and Corel got it all backward. Their support is miserable."
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