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"We're not a turnover team. It was just kind of freaky tonight."
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"I knew there was one kind soul . . . you stand out in this crowd,"
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"I think he takes pride in sitting in there and throwing the football, ... But people that have the ability that he has ? Michael and Marcus ? they've got to take off when they feel the need to take off. That's what he does."
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"I think both of those kids will play as hard as they can against each other. Knowing that family, I bet it'll be close afterwards, too. ... His sister (Christina) goes to school here. The whole family is close."
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"This is our last opportunity to show we're a good football team. I believe this is one of the best football teams Virginia Tech has ever had. Getting to 11 wins would be something--and so would finishing in the top 10."
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"They knew what needed to be done. I think they did a great job of going back out there and quickly taking the game back over."
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"I'm proud that we demonstrated to the ACC that we were a good pick. We've got the ability to be a good program for them. I think they knew that, but I think a lot of people didn't think we were going to be that this year."
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"I remember watching him at Highland Springs (High School, near Richmond), and when I recruited him I told him my plan was to get him on offense some and get him on defense some, and I think he's the kind of guy that can handle it. I think he's got that kind of ability."
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"That's what happens when you start thinking everything's OK, that 'hey, we're a good football team,' ... We were then and we are now. You've got to prove it every week. Certainly, this week we're going to be challenged."
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"Marcus has been consistently getting better. Every week you see a little improvement."
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"I didn't think I was going to accept the job when I went there to visit. I had no idea I was going to like it."
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"He's not just a big back. He's a big back who has that breakaway ability. He's really quick and a great athlete."
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"They got us field position and then the offense stuck it in. It's still a team game. I still believe our offense is going to get more consistency as we go along."
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"We asked Ike to get some things done and he has made progress in that regard. ...I feel comfortable that Ike will work hard to be a successful part of this football program."
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"We usually have four. The voting was so close, we went with all six."
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"We take pride in our program in doing things right . . . just too many things that weren't quite right, ... I hate to see anyone's story here not be successful. You want it to turn out right, you work for it to come out right. Just too many situations. I thought this was what's best for our football team."
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