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5 John Kerr quotes:

"One of the things my dad said to me when I got back was that no matter what, they'll never be able to take that title away from me,"
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"Playing against this kind of competition right now is good for us. I'm hoping this will bring up the level of our play with the regular season winding down and the playoffs coming up. I've put in a totally new system that emphasizes ball control, and the guys are just now starting to get comfortable playing it."
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"I just hope and pray that this thing works out. You've got to have a consistent tax system so it wouldn't be a burden on people trying to figure things out of state."
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"We are becoming resilient. We are understanding that there are going to be injuries and we just have to deal with them each game, each half. We are doing our best and the guys coming in off the bench are doing a great job so I am happy with the overall performance."
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"I was pleased with the performance overall, particularly the second half."
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