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4 Larry Lang quotes:

"A revolution is taking place right now in mobility. Customers today demand a variety of services that will allow them to live, work and play in their fast-paced, mobile world. These new services drive new packet traffic, not only across new air interfaces, but also in the transport to each cell site."
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"He stayed out there all night, ... We saw where he hit, and it busted his helmet."
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"It's a melting pot. There's so much talent here and such a large variety that you never see the same type of performer back to back."
Author: Lang Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Competition for the delivery of mobile voice and data services is becoming increasingly fierce. By deploying Cisco's Content Billing solution, mobile operators can provide their customers with a myriad of payment options to strike the ideal balance for the billing of voice, messaging, multimedia, games, Web and other mobile services."
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