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"We're always looking at what the competition is doing, ... But do we want to become like Amazon? No. Amazon is an online shopping mall. It benefited from building a great asset early in the game. We're about store integration and expanding the customer reach to Wal-Mart stores."
"This really appeals to a fashion-forward consumer. Our strategy is to become more relevant to customers who are already in the store across more categories."
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"We're not trying to be Target, we're trying to be Wal-Mart but more relevant to our customer."
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"This is positioned as a premium brand within Wal-Mart, ... We have a customer that is very interested in fashion and takes a great deal of pride in their personal style, and we haven't really had an offering for them."
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"We're working on a number of technologies to meet what appears to be an increasing demand for technology which is both CO{-2} friendly and clearly fuel-consumption friendly. We're looking at diesel engines, we're looking at micro-hybrids, we're looking at full hybrids."
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"I think we would ignore them as a threat at our peril. It isn't going to make life any easier."
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"The way we see it, the DVD rental service was simply the missing piece for our customers, ... We were already selling DVDs, DVD players and recorders."
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"It's clear that carmakers must offer cleaner models. There's a wide range of technology available."
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