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Shaun Murphy Quotes

6 Shaun Murphy quotes:

"We've been pushed back so often it feels like standing still is progress."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"You have got to adapt to changes, in time zone, culture, diet, a lot, but I did not."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"I've no doubt that a lot of players will be out to beat me and will give that bit extra against me. If the roles were reversed and I was playing the world champion I would be absolutely determined to win,"
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"I think anytime you have a security camera, there is the assumption you're being watched."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"It's a mad free-for-all to get over the winning line at this stage in the competition, so I'm just glad to have got through,"
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"I think I have something in-built in me and I'm good at fighting back when I'm behind."

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