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"Because I think it gets to rights of individuals and the ability to make our own choices and not have outsiders decide, ... I think that raising, having children, raising children is a personal issue. And that society shouldn't judge me or tell me when or how I should do it."
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"It's tough getting around, no doubt about it. You've just got to take your time and deal with it."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"There is another Motley Crue band out of Connecticut. We're arch enemies,"
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Enemies Quotes
"BUILD magazine marries entertainment with philanthropy, creating an interesting and inspiring read for youth, ... The magazine will complement Sam Goody's core customer, teens and tweens."
"It's a nice way for the kids to develop community spirit."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"This essentially turned out to be a private family matter, ... We'll have a conversation with the state's attorney, but I can't think of anything they would be charged with."
"We were 4-4 after the Christmas Tournament and we closed out 12-2. It was a good end of the year, we really started to put things together."
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"That’s what makes it fun, ... It gets your adrenaline going."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"We didn't execute as well offensively as we have the past few games. Rachel getting in foul trouble early on impacted the game, but we got some good offensive production without her, which is good so that we know we can get points from other places with sectionals approaching."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We hope the Legislature will look at this report and recognize that we need to address this widening income gap among our citizens."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We are not talking about a pristine area. It won't be a golf course again, It's already a disturbed area."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"Fifteen and five is a great season. I'm very proud of the kids. Hopefully they can continue this and make a run at sectionals."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Emily has been there all year knocking down big shots. In the past she did a little of this and a little of that, contributing with the little things and her strong defense, but this year she has stepped up her offense as well."
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"Last night the state police in Middlesex received a tip that possibly a baby or infant was buried there, ... We proceeded to search the area around the house as well as contact and conduct interviews with the people who lived in the house. The information they provided corroborated what we found, which was the remains of a fetus the family buried here."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"It's been overlooked. It hasn't developed as a commercial center, but it has a historic nature and public uses. More commercial use is a possibility. We want to see how the area might improve over the future."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"If you don't start the journey, you will never get there, and you aren't going to learn any younger, so start learning now. If you need a venue to develop your leadership and management skills, and your current job is not pushing your limits there, contact your local Section or Division, or attend a President's Fall or Spring Meeting and get involved."
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