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"I feel that's the mark of a leader. I think his other great skill was his ability to communicate. He understood the way few people do the power of communication. He was the best letter writer I ever came across. And when he had to give a speech, whether it was a long or short one, he pored over every one for hours, going over every word. He worked at it more than any other leader I ever came across."
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"He realized banks played a key role in providing fuel for the growth of the economy. It was in the bank's interest for city to grow for the bank to prosper. He devoted an extraordinary amount of time for that to happen."
"We have a growth platform, this is a growth company, and as the market understands that we believe our stock will do very well."
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"Seven of our ten units had double-digit earnings growth and an eighth had record earnings."
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"We do not feel at any time that the security of the plant has been in jeopardy."
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