Gail Dudack Quotes

5 Gail Dudack quotes:

"Really what the markets have been struggling with is: What is the direction of the economy and therefore corporate profits."
Author: Dudack Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I think there is risk in the market. If there is weakening in the economy, then an earnings recovery gets pushed out further into 2002."
Author: Dudack Quotes Category: Risk Quotes Earnings Quotes
"The main catalyst that people are looking at is tomorrow's jobs report. While there's a mix of many things going on in the market, the key thing to an economic recovery is jobs and income. That's why tomorrow's number is critical."
"The case continues to be made for small caps. I have more faith in the quality of earnings of small caps than large caps."
Author: Dudack Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"I think we are getting into the resistance levels. We are getting to the hard part."
Author: Dudack Quotes Category: Hard Quotes

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