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12 Jeffrey Koplan quotes:

"Overweight children are at risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other health problems, ... They're part of an epidemic of overweight and obesity that must be addressed so that they can lead healthier lives."
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"The evidence is stacking up that indicates it is not environmental."
"Our intention at this time, and that of the Department of Health and Human Services, is to have enough vaccine available so that anybody who needs it will get it, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer."
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"There is reason to feel optimistic about many of the trends in risk behavior among our young people. However, we have much left to do. Too many of our children are still engaging in activities that put them at risk for health problems now and into adulthood."
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"It's a good example of a system working at all levels. In this case, the important thing was we were able to take the public health steps to protect the community first."
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"We're trying to answer all those questions, ... We're collecting that information now and analyzing it."
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"It's been the pattern throughout the world that men have started this and women have joined in later. It just means that having smoked like men, they will die like men."
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"Today more than ever, smokers have a number of resources available to improve their ability to quit."
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"The evidence is stacking up that indicates it is not environmental,"
"Young people need to know that they can significantly reduce their risk of getting skin cancer later if they start protecting their skin from the sun now."
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"We have demonstrated that prevention works and deserves support, ... Nevertheless, as in most areas of public health, support for prevention is frequently more rhetorical than substantive."
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"The recommendations will help communities and health care systems choose interventions that work and are well matched to their needs and capabilities,"
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