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Michael Holmes Quotes

8 Michael Holmes quotes:

"Everybody loves the food. Everybody loves the atmosphere. It was a real friendly place."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"They (Mullins) had that momentum. I just had to do what I had to do to win."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Momentum Quotes
"If I'm watching TV and the phone rings, then I choose to answer it. But if I'm at work and TV or radio is piped in, I have no choice but to listen to it."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We haven't been made aware of any public complaints."
"There is no doubt in my mind, that if our security adviser had not returned fire, everyone in our vehicle would have been killed, ... This was not an attempted robbery, they were clearly trying to take us out."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"There is no doubt in my mind nor in the minds of anybody in the car, (that) if our security guard had not returned fire, we would all be dead. These were not robbers. This was apparent...from what happened to our colleagues."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"Carnegie Hall, to a musician, is the most reputable thing you can think of as a performance venue. I think the most exciting thing is to look down the list of all the people who have performed there. You are surrounded by all these great musicians."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"You're planning to be around for a while longer though?"
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Planning Quotes

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