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Jeff Koinange Quotes

6 Jeff Koinange quotes:

"Their intention is to block off the main western access to the airport,"
Author: Koinange Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"peace is literally just around the corner."
Author: Koinange Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"I can only see two police officers."
Author: Koinange Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"But in terms of the counting itself, so far there have been no complaints."
"In typical Robert Mugabe fashion he doesn't want to be outdone by any of these countries. He just wants to go ahead and withdraw his country from the Commonwealth."
Author: Koinange Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"You can hear rumblings in the distance. It looks like the cease-fire is dead in the water. When the delays were going on you knew one of the sides was not going to sign -- and it turned out to be the government."
Author: Koinange Quotes Category: Fire Quotes

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