Elian Gonzalez Quotes

8 Elian Gonzalez quotes:

"He is a precious child, there's just no doubt about it."
Author: Gonzalez Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"They were telling me bad things about [my father], ... They were also telling me to tell [my father] that I did not want to go back to Cuba and I always told them I wanted to."
Author: Gonzalez Quotes Category: Fathers Quotes
"It's an honor just to do this in New York, to give a voice to the Latinos who died in that tragedy that no one knows about because they were illegal aliens and, thus, undocumented. There was a story on Univision on the Spanish network about them, and that how Rick was inspired to write this piece. That I'm bringing that story to a Broadway stage is something I take real pride in."
Author: Gonzalez Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"traitors to the revolution."
"very unwilling to listen, stubborn, unwilling to compromise on anything."
"Defend your smile and that of your loved ones"
Author: Gonzalez Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"We're still going to be fighting for the freedom of Cuba."
"We reiterate that Lazaro will not disobey the law,"
Author: Gonzalez Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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