Ashraf Qazi Quotes

5 Ashraf Qazi quotes:

"We would hope for an improved security environment because otherwise many people who may wish to participate would be deterred."
Author: Qazi Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"There is a control on the level of violence which is still at a worrisome level, but there is a definite control over the immediate potential for it to escalate."
Author: Qazi Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Everything must now be done to help the negotiating parties reach a sustainable compromise as quickly as possible."
Author: Qazi Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"The urgency to form a broad-based government or a government of national unity in view of these challenges is absolutely essential."
Author: Qazi Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The signs are good. All credit first to the people of Iraq to come out and refuse to show any voter fatigue in the third vote this year and then to the government and the IECI and to all the parties who have campaigned and participated by and large peacefully."
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