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Rick Thigpen Quotes

3 Rick Thigpen quotes:

"Paul is a candidate with a lot of talent, enormous potential, and if he runs a good campaign, he may win. If he runs a good race and doesn't win, he will be a more prominent commodity for the future."
Author: Thigpen Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"He's trying to tell the people who he is. He wants to instill confidence in the coming administration, he wants to identify with the people and their concerns, and he's trying to set a tone for the way he will govern and how he will address problems."
Author: Thigpen Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"If he can foresee paying the gift tax on that money, he can certainly foresee the need to have nothing but an arm's length relationship with her union as governor."
Author: Thigpen Quotes Category: Money Quotes

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