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Rich Dubee Quotes

8 Rich Dubee quotes:

"We're hoping to see a little more consistency. Hopefully, the breaking ball will continue to get better. But his command and consistency are something we'd like to see improve."
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"You hate to say don't worry about the winning or losing, but if kids are pitching at the major league level at an early stage, maybe before they should be, it's important that they learn. They are going to have some down times. ... The player has to be pretty tough minded and a mentally strong person to be able to conquer a lot of that."
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"I love both of them."
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"I think you've got to have some success -- catch a break, get on a roll or something, before you can get the confidence you'll need to make it over the long haul. Once you have success, you have something to build on."
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"That starts right here [pointing to his heart]. You have to have the confidence and the conviction in throwing that pitch. He's got the stuff to get Major League hitters [out]."
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"You just hope he puts his mind to it more often. He's still learning that you have to come with a little extra fire in his belly against Major League hitters, and you have to trust what you're doing."
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"You hate to say it, but there's a bit of a breaking in period, during when a guy gets needs a break, to pitch a good game and get good results, and the confidence grows. That's what we're trying to get now, a positive roll. He won a spot in Spring Training, and now he's battling to continue to pitch here. He's facing an 'A' lineup every night, but, as a pitcher, you have to be able to separate that and understand that it's about making pitches."
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"We'd like to see him more aggressive attacking the strike zone and being committed to what he's doing. He had a lot of deep counts and a lot of misses off the plate. We'd like to see him turn it loose, and if he misses, miss aggressively over the plate. It's his approach and attitude. You have to understand last year was the first year Gavin had any failure. He has to get his mind straight and be aggressive."

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