Al Rauch Quotes

5 Al Rauch quotes:

"That's not very impressive, because that's where your future is."
Author: Rauch Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Pfizer is becoming a value play. You're certainly not expecting a lot of growth in the future."
Author: Rauch Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"I think most of the biotech products are going to be safe for the rest of the decade."
Author: Rauch Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Dragging your 10-year-old to get a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease could have some groups pretty upset."
Author: Rauch Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"It's certainly a major medical need in the ability to prevent cervical cancer. That gives it the potential to be a blockbuster. We're not expecting a real quick ramp up on this, though it could become a billion dollar drug."
Author: Rauch Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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