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"We started to make investments in the Illinois economy to help the Illinois economy evolve. We're starting to see the fruits of those investments now."
"These are high paying jobs."
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"Shipments come in from the west coast that are sent directly to the Midwest and then distributed throughout the rest of the country."
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"Our whole economy, up and down the state, is based on food processing, distribution, getting food products - to the world."
"The taxpayers can have confidence that they're getting a good return on their investment. We think we've had a lot of success."
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"We want to continue to help train them and make then competitive in this global economy. And there is no better way to spend this money than on job training."
"Its a 45 million dollars market in homeland security federal government has 29 billion dollars in product and services that they are spending on products and services but we need to make sure that Illinois companies are taking advantage of this - and they way they need to take advantage is they need to have knowledge of what is happening in this area."
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"Collect 'em now and get an autograph. They'll be worth thousands once they win a Nobel!"
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