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Ricky Rudd Quotes

7 Ricky Rudd quotes:

"Nowadays, as they've been working on the cars and the quality control is getting a lot better, there's not a really a big difference. The cars are built specifically for different types of race tracks, whether it's a high-travel track or low-travel track, and that's what they go by. They go by data. It's past me, way beyond me now. But as far as me saying I've got a favorite car, they're getting stuff more consistent. I don't really see that anymore. They all seem to run about the same - unless they're purposely trying to make one differently, which they can do very easily."
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"They're as good as they've ever been. They're still competitive. Their retirement plans are based on their sons coming up. They want to spend time helping their careers, and I have a lot of respect for them."
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"The guys did a great job in the pits, ... We just sort of tried to stay out of trouble. We've wrecked out of this race like the last three times. It's usually been a good race track for us and we were lucky we got a good qualifying spot and just tried to keep our nose clean all night."
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"I have fun when I go road racing. I like them. I wouldn't want to run a road course every weekend, but I wouldn't mind seeing one or two more on the schedule. I like them because it sort of breaks up the regular routine, and we've had good luck on them over the years."
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"I'm really sort of surprised at this run because we spent 98 percent of our time yesterday working on race setup and I got really comfortable with what I had there, ... Within the rules structure they allow you to do a few things for qualifying and the guys took advantage of that."
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"We've wrecked out of this race the last three times,"
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I still have the desire and ability to win races, but a little burnout is beginning to set in. I may drive a few races next year if someone needs a substitute driver, but it's time to freshen up and do some things with my family that I have put off for a lot of years."
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