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5 Marc Walters quotes:

"A win at No. 1 doubles may have helped stem their confidence some, but we won't know if that would have made a difference in the match. They are very talented at the top three spots and that was tough to overcome when they can play comfortably with a 3-0 cushion."
Author: Walters Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"Our girls have been working hard. Our girls are trying to get better, and we're making progress."
Author: Walters Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"I had three girls who stepped up and did more than they've done all year."
Author: Walters Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"Erskine, they just overpowered us. They are just so much better than all of the rest of the teams."
Author: Walters Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Scott took that like a team man. Some guys would have been deeply disappointed, but Scott was all about it. He said Adrian needs the shot, he's got more experience."
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