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Inaki Saez Quotes

6 Inaki Saez quotes:

"We've always been a team which, by it's very nature, never tries to draw. I prefer another style, our style, which is to always try to win."
Author: Saez Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"Debates are good but you've all got to trust me,"
Author: Saez Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"Reyes is a man of the future for the national side."
Author: Saez Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"It's a team that plays very well at 0-0 but it has a lot of problems when the other side takes the lead."
Author: Saez Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Greece will be really tough. They are not spectacular but they always create a lot of problems for everyone."
Author: Saez Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"So I'm going to reveal something to you. As there is a public debate, I had one too with my assistant coaches and we have decided, for the first time, that we will not reveal the lineup of the team before the match."
Author: Saez Quotes Category: Debate Quotes

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