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"What we were hoping for was that the extra $2 billion in the defense (bill) would allow us to adjust grants so that people wouldn't get into a serious problem next month."
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"The loss of Ron is a tremendous loss on so many levels. He symbolized the determination preservation needs to be successful with sensitivity and generosity. I think that is a unique combination. He sincerely cared, not just about preservation, but the way it affected people."
"A few years ago, you could heat a home for $500. Now it takes $1,500. Energy has become a lot less affordable for low-income families."
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"For people who are low income, this is like your entire salary increase goes to energy and for those on fixed income, it's even worse."
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"For many families, energy just will not be affordable this coming winter heating season."
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"Preserving these historic schools builds pride and a sense of place in communities."
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"It looked like Congress was going to do the right thing, but it never happened."
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"New York and New Jersey have some of the best systems in the country, people just don't know they exist. In particular, low and middle income people don't know where to look. These are some of the best kept secrets in town."
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"We are in trouble. The program is not designed to deal with these kinds of price increases."
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