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13 Jim Murphy quotes:

"I think there is a lot of chaos in the industry right now and we've exploited it just by doing what we think is right."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Chaos Quotes
"Based on our consultation with the CDC, simply being in the vicinity of the animals suspected or confirmed to have anthrax is not an exposure, and no treatment or observation is necessary, ... Even a person who handles a carcass or bodily fluids while wearing gloves would not be considered to be exposed."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"From that perspective, the ability to rein in these formerly ad hoc and inexact means of conducting business will be very welcome."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"People don't want to give up their knowledge--they can see what it's for. It makes them expendable."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"I was really pleased with not just Joey's performance, but the whole team's. Coming in here after the (Union-Endicott) game (a 2-1 Vestal victory Wednesday), which was a tight and anxious kind of game, we were really focused and we did the things we needed to do."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Ryan's the type of kid every coach would be happy to have on his team. He's a tremendous athlete and leader and a smart player. Rocky and Duane raved about him. We didn't recruit him as a quarterback, but as a slot receiver who could navigate the middle of the field. But then we found out Ryan could kick as well."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"Any kind of exercise is good."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"What we had here was a duty to warm people, to give them the evidence so they can make an informed choice. That doesn't mean it's an easy choice."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"The more training we do, the more repetitions we do, the more it becomes muscle memory as opposed to having to sit and think about exactly what it is we need to do in each and every situation."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"November is more than soon enough to have an election."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"I think it is a move in a positive direction. There may be some pain and some productivity loss at the outset, but the changes I've seen will affect productivity in positive ways once people get over the initial shock."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I named all four of them captains. The seniors are smart, not cocky, and none slack in practice."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"A delay of a few months should hardly be a surprise to anyone, especially in that it's no likely the difficulty of development and performance tuning that is completely to blame."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Delay Quotes

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