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20 Jimmie Johnson quotes:

"We just seem to thrive on adversity."
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"I give him a lot of credit. One, for his intelligence and ability to build great race cars. And two, for stepping up with all the focus and pressure. He's been able to have a clear mind and stay relaxed and make great decisions."
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"Back in the spring, all the emotions came back."
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"We went back in the spring for the Advance Auto Parts 500, and all the emotions came back,"
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"The drivers, we just get in and drive the cars. I do know that the team and crew chief are going to work as hard as they can to work the gray areas, and with that in mind gray areas were looked at and worked over and when the car came back the template didn't fit. So, Chad, the team, myself will accept what happened."
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"I was slowly catching Matt before that last caution. I think we could have got up there to race with him but, if it stayed green, I believe Matt had it in the bag. Then we got that last yellow. I thought long and hard about what I would do if I was protecting the lead. I knew I wanted to be on the outside. I faked kind of to the bottom and he kind of bought it."
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"If you're hitting your stride, you're all about the Chase starting. If you're downhill fighting your way up, you'd want a couple of weeks before the Chase starts so you can sort out your own stuff. We didn't get off to a good start last year and almost won it so we'll just have to work hard and see what happens."
"I know my team believes that. I believe that. We knew we would round the corner eventually and thankfully we've done it earlier in the Chase rather than as late in the Chase as we did last year."
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"Another person I'm going to be thinking of is Brian Vickers, ... The plane crash was on his birthday, of all things."
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"Our (Hendrick) engineers and crew chiefs all get together and compare notes. That's when you really see the benefit of a four-car team."
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"The communication that we have is amazing. We know each other better than I expected. He has obviously been paying close attention to what Chad has been doing and it is showing at the track."
"If it was somebody else, I don't think I would have had the same comfort. I didn't have any concerns over any aggressive driving."
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"I don't really have any complaints about the way he raced me."
"I was fading so I don't really have any complaints with the way that he raced me. I passed him two or three times earlier in the day and found another line and worked my way around the outside of him. I was a little surprised that he continually drove it in and kept trying to blast me in the center. I think he probably hit me for four or five laps and the time that he got by me, he really had my wheels off the ground and I couldn't get in the gas and he got inside of me and from there drove on and drove away from me. This is short track racing."
"He probably would have won the race and it would be a different story."
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"Talladega is a wild-card event. We're just going to go out and try to stay out of trouble. There's really nothing else you can do."
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"This is a huge statement and something that I'm very proud of. We know that there are rules, a set of rules."
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"Talladega is a huge risk. I think everybody is real nervous about Talladega, and hopefully everybody drives that way and we don't have any big pile-ups."
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"Talladega is a huge risk, ... I think everybody is real nervous about Talladega, and hopefully everybody drives that way and we don't have any big pile-ups."
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"One (DNF), I spun out here and crashed, ... I was frustrated. I got too aggressive and crashed. That was worth at least 100 points. All I needed was to be safe."
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