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Jerry Berman Quotes

5 Jerry Berman quotes:

"It is not television or radio or telephone, but a brand new, robust form of publishing that deserves the same First Amendment protections as print."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"If these products are going to pass a consumer trust test, [businesses] need to be able to say there are protections."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"The Internet is going to be a legislative issue in every Congress from now on,"
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I want a face-to-face debate, ... Let them go at it."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"There is opportunity for moderation and for deadlock. Deadlock is a disaster because the states are ready to roll, and then companies will have to deal with a crazy patchwork of privacy laws."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes

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