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24 Stan Heath quotes:

"We haven't really had much consistency away from home this year. We wanted to establish that we can win on the road, and we did that today."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes
"If we didn't know the definition of adversity before, I'm sure we know it now. (The loss) was tough to swallow."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"I was taken aback by the way the guys just kept fighting and fighting. Early on, it didn't look good at all. All we could do was battle back, and we did that."
"It's just maturity. Those two players have had a great relationship, but they're learning how to complement each other. It makes both of them better, and we want to ride that horse a while longer."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"Gary has been a positive influence. He always simulates the other team's point guard in practice, and in many cases he's a better player."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"Our strength has never been the three. We definitely want the game more in the paint."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"Ronnie understands that his value to our team is not just in scoring. He's still an impact guy, whether he scores 20 points or 10. He's a humble kid who is trying to get better, and fun to coach."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"To average 34 points in a Chicago public school league, which has great competition, speaks highly of his ability."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"We left off playing pretty good, so I wasn't excited about the (Christmas) break. But we've had a couple of good days of practice this week."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"The start is a key. We have to be prepared for a rough game that goes down to the last two or three possessions and find a way to win it."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We won?t have to worry about presses any more."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"Those two guys are fighting for MVP honors right now. It's a tough combination."
"We know we've got a big challenge in front of us. But we're starting to play very good basketball as well."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"I'm looking for consistency. I'm looking for solid production -- and that doesn't necessarily mean scoring."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes
"I'm really trying to keep our team focused on what's in front of us. Knowing that we still have destiny in our control. We still have it in our hands."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Destiny Quotes
"We've had some tough breaks go against us. And yet, I know my team is still fighting and fighting and fighting. We're much improved. We're a better basketball team."
"Georgia was fighting for their lives. They wanted to get to the NIT. I think a .500 record is enough (for that), but they may feel they need a few more wins."
"Ronnie has an unselfish nature. But we need him to still be aggressive (on offense). You can't let the other team take you away."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"Steven fell awkwardly and tweaked his back. He had a sharp pain."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"When you see Randolph Morris with a 19-point and eight-rebound game, that's a great performance."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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