Andrew Maynard Quotes

6 Andrew Maynard quotes:

"But the research into the risks isn't being done as efficiently or quickly as it should."
Author: Maynard Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"This means the ability to put small numbers of atom and molecules where we want them, to form materials, structures and devices that benefit from such a high level of control and precision."
Author: Maynard Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Pump-action sprays typically form droplets that are much larger than those from aerosol cans. These are less likely to reach the sensitive deep lung when inhaled."
Author: Maynard Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"To move from uncertainty to certainty we need good strategic research - and fast."
Author: Maynard Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"Product development will always outstrip our understanding of risk, but there is a lot we can do to narrow that gap."
Author: Maynard Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Either way, this incident is a wake-up call to the industry because it highlights the problems we face if we don't do diligence with this new technology."
Author: Maynard Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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