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33 Bill Richardson quotes:

"I'm not going to blame the president, ... Our system is so bureaucratic that it's difficult to get things done."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Blame Quotes
"The coalition has reunited itself because of Iraqi behavior, ... We believe that there's strong unanimity and consensus on the council that Iraq's behavior has been unacceptable."
"The president has directed me to initiate the order, ... There will be enforcement action if the order is not carried out."
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"We cannot have a full economic recovery, we cannot ensure the security of this country, while the states are in the midst of the worst fiscal crisis in half a century. Direct aid to cash-strapped states is perhaps the most direct way to immediately jump-start an ailing economy."
"The rivalry is there, but at the same time we're trying to help each other. It's just healthy competition."
"Senator Kerry is very relaxed. He's very much at peace. He's confident. He feels the debates have gone well. He's looking forward to the Boston Red Sox winning."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"It could be the case that one of these individuals misplaced the drives, ... What we now have is a potential cover-up, or some other factors that have to be determined."
"We may have here a security lapse that involved an individual that misplaced something and tried to engage in contradictory behavior, and, hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of this,"
"This is inexcusable; I'm outraged, ... It's incomprehensible what happened. I'm going to take action. I'm going to get to the bottom of this. There's going to be accountability."
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"We're talking about a violent situation, ... We're talking about police being shot at. We're talking about a violent situation that has to be dealt with."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"meets the highest standards of security."
"What I worry about is a new fiefdom within an already big fiefdom,"
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"I'm also sending a message to the Congress and the American people that we will do everything we can to guard our nation's secrets."
"He always had the courage to ask the tough questions and demand answers. He set a high standard for TV journalists and his influence will be felt for generations to come."
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"High gas prices are going to revolutionize the way we drive and move our society to more fuel-efficient vehicles, ... Unfortunately, it's taken a crisis of high gas prices to move us in that direction."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"A state's income level is directly linked to the education levels of its residents. And we must support our schools - with real, tangible resources. There's no way of getting around that fact. And if you cut school spending during tough times, your state is going to suffer. Poverty rates will increase. Property crime will increase."
"Ignorance has always been the weapon of tyrants; enlightenment the salvation of the free."
"I strongly believe that we made progress in our discussions in North Korea on the diplomatic front, on the nuclear front, on the humanitarian front,"
"They are close, but close is not good enough, ... I won't rest until all consumers can be assured that utilities have adequately prepared for a smooth rollover."
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"will not tolerate the theft of our secrets."
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