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"[If you're thinking of eloping over the holidays, you may want to consider the tax consequences of ending 2001 as a couple (romantic, isn't it). Although some accountants will tell you that the IRS doesn't keep track of your exact marriage date, technically you are required to file a joint return for this year. For some couples, particularly those with big differences in their income, filing jointly can be advantageous. If a husband and wife each make a lot of money, however, they are apt to pay more in taxes than they would on their own.] If both people make $300,000, they'll pay more than $18,000 in taxes by filing jointly, ... That's about the cost of the wedding."
"It doesn't matter what you spend that loan on. You can go out and borrow $100,000 against your home, spend it on anything, even a vacation - and you can deduct the full amount of interest you pay on that loan."
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"Proper planning can save dollars."
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