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12 Abhisit Vejjajiva quotes:

"This is the most blatant example of 'mob rule'."
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"We have tried to find a new and correct solution for the country."
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"If the ultimate goal is to solve the conflicts in the country, I would like to call for you (the prime minister) to announce your resignation as soon as possible."
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"I believe that the best way to resolve the crisis is to heed the advise of His Majesty the King, and that all sides should review the positions we have taken."
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"There is no way out of the crisis unless the prime minister accepts that the key part of the problem is his own legitimacy."
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"At this time of crisis, the king is the only person we can turn to."
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"We do not support a coup. We have always operated within the means of the Constitution."
"The only way out of the current crisis is to amend the Constitution."
"We do it mainly to stop a government that betrays people, that steals from its people under the guise of democracy."
"This is really not about counting votes. It's about allowing the rule of law, checks and balances."
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"What we did when we took the position was to make a statement and we made a statement."
"From the point of view of the people in the streets, they are going ahead with their protests whether we contest the elections or not. So it's between him and the people on the streets."
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