Rick Hardy Quotes

4 Rick Hardy quotes:

"Anything we can do to help impart knowledge of our Constitution is important. If we spent a day recognizing, say, presidents or particular people, this certainly is the one thing we share in common - our Constitution. It's the thread that holds us all together."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Constitution Quotes
"I wouldn't trade all those years of coaching for anything. We spent a lot of time with the kids and adults putting the programs together, and it was all worth it."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"What we've had in the past is probably hypocritical. We've had a lot of creative financing that's made it difficult to assess really who's giving what, when and how."
Author: Hardy Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"It is kind of nice not to rush around after school to get to a meet. I still plan to be part of the ski community but I don't have to hurry around after school to get there."
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