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15 Andy Robinson quotes:

"One of things I looked at was our ability to use the bench. It's important we are able to bring our bench on and that is what we were able to do today. This is a whole team effort."
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"I've been targeting this game for Matt. It's a horses-for-courses selection. He's got great experience and an ability to control the forwards. Against France we've got to be right in their faces. They have a powerful pack that can be dominant if you let them play. If you let your concentration drop, or miss one-on-one tackles, they can carve you up. So we've got to be astute and squeeze the life from them. We've got to stop the band playing and get the crowd whistling."
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"We are looking for him to give us that extra bit of creativity."
"It is only 48 hours since (Stevens) played, and 24 hours for the Wasps boys. We've got to see how they recovered in that time. Normally with injuries, we should know in 24 hours if they are going to be fit or not."
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"It has strengthened my resolve and I have total belief in myself and what we are trying to achieve with England."
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"We're doing a review and I'll be meeting with Francis Baron to discuss everything, but I've got total belief in myself and I'm not expecting to go anywhere."
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"I have got total belief in this team. Sunday's game will tell us where we are. We want to win the championship, it was one of our aims for the season, and I have full confidence in the way the team is playing the game."
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"It is great to be able to include Lawrence. He has done well for London Wasps, and his appetite to play for England again is huge."
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"Everybody will be reviewed, it is important that we have that honesty."
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"There are no pre-conceived ideas."
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"I was pleased with the players in the autumn. What's important is the whole team's development. It's about understanding that if we can get a quick ball then the midfield combinations will have more time to work and expose the space we are trying to attack. I was pretty pleased with the way midfield went."
"There have been a few more allegations than in recent years. The secret nature of the [hazing] process makes it very difficult. We don't always know."
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"We are both going into the game with the potential to win the championship."
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"We need more pain at the contact area. There were times when we were going to ground too easily, arriving in ones rather than twos or threes. Matt is our best prop as far as his overall game is concerned. He's there for his mobility and work around the field."
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"However, I have now been offered an opportunity which I have accepted and I'm looking forward to England's first training session on September 20."

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