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"We are now at the point where Hurricane Katrina's effects are adding to job creation rather than detracting from it."
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"The bottom line is that the job market carried good momentum and the economy can weather the temporary hit from the hurricanes."
"The economy has begun 2006 with plenty of momentum."
"It's interesting because the economy is growing in real terms, so you would expect to see the markets frequently posting all-time highs, because the trend is (naturally) up."
"This latest report is unmistakable evidence of an improving economy. What you have to look for is evidence that the fourth-quarter slowdown in economic growth will continue. And this jobs report is evidence that just the opposite is happening."
"Clearly the slowdown in housing will mean slower growth in the overall economy. The big question mark is how much damage there will be."
"Energy prices were rising before Katrina hit, and while those costs didn't make their way through to finished goods in August, we have to expect higher core inflation in coming months. Firms are saying that they've absorbed so much already that they have to pass on these costs."
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"The reason (recession) gets mentioned . . . is that (energy price) movements of this sort of magnitude usually would be associated with recession. So you do have to start asking the question, ... The question needs to be asked, even if we think things are different on this occasion."
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"These figures suggest that growth is stable but not extremely strong. These figures should add to the conviction in financial markets that the Fed will soon be able to stop raising rates."
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"We believe the numbers today are confirming our view that growth will be soft throughout the rest of the year."
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"Growth was very good in the third quarter. We really suspect that the last two reports greatly understated the underlying strength of the labor market."
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"It is possible that the hurricanes that hit in August and September had a bigger impact on measured GDP growth in the fourth quarter than in the third. ... The hurricanes probably dragged on investment, too."
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"Excluding autos, spending growth looks healthy -- not a blockbuster holiday season, but far better than it appeared a couple of months ago when gasoline prices were over $3 per gallon."
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"It wouldn't be unusual at all for them to stop and start again."
"There is a risk that we will push up above 2 percent, not necessarily over the next month but sometime over the next few months. That will be a concern to the Fed."
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"It seems that companies are continuing to find new ways to apply advanced technology to increase output per worker. It has been really incredible how much extra output companies have been able to pump out without dramatically increasing staffing."
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